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30th May 2020 

Counselling & Therapy

Counselling & Therapy. Harmony

What is counselling about? The Person Centred approach

Psychotherapy is a process which can help you explore various issues. The aim is to allow you the space to share any difficulties, dissatisfaction, hopes, aspirations, fears and any confusing thoughts you may have. These issues may have troubled you for many years and keep resurfacing, or they can be issues which have just come about and you would like to explore them with someone.

The Person Centered Approach to therapy is mainly about the quality of the relationship between the client and the therapist. This means it's important to develop a mutually respectful relationship, which enables you to feel safe and accepted, so that you can explore your concerns.

Further, person Centered Therapy aims to provide a genuine relationship that is empathic and non-judgmental. It works to understand our experiences free from judgement or interpretation. This in turn can help us to reconnect with our core being to bring greater awareness to ourselves and a freedom of spirit. My belief is that being in the presence of another being able to share what is troubling you without feeling judged, analysed or told what to do can be healing in itself.
It takes many years to train in the classical person centred approach and it is a rigorous discipline.


“Focusing is a mind and body practice of welcoming friendly attitude towards ones felt sense of an issue, situation or experience. Listening to your felt sense opens the doorway to the body’s wisdom – bringing next steps towards growth and healing. Instead of jumping to conclusions or falling into habitual patterns.

EMDR and focusing on the bodily felt sense are powerful ways of transforming painful and difficult thoughts and emotions.

The use of EMDR within a safe therapeutic relationship has proven to bring about rapid results. The beauty of emdr is that you do not have to tell me or go into detail about what your memories are which, for many people, this affords you with a sense of safety and being in control of our sessions.

Being based in Guiesley, close to Cookridge, Bradford, ilkley, Rawdon, Horsforth, Apperley Bridge Calverly, Pudsey and Menston means that I am easily accessible geographically.

Please have a look at EMDR academy website.

If you think I may be able to help you or somebody you care for, do give me a call on 07565215564 or contact me by email. I'm happy to discuss whether counselling is suitable, or make an appointment for a first session if you wish. There are more details on my Contact page.