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About me

I am an experienced psychotherapist/counsellor / EMDR therapist and I have spent many years working in social care before working as a therapist. Having worked in childrens residential homes, with families, refugees and Mind, means that I have a good understanding of people which has deepened my empathic skills.

I came into this profession as a result of having been on my own journey of healing and from holding a fundamental belief in the goodness of people. Thus, wanting to give something back to the world in which we are all a part of.

In addition to my work experiences, I have lived in West Africa which was an experience of living amongst people who had very little in the way of material wealth yet, had a richness not so often appreciated in the Western world. The symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress so prevalent in the West were not something one saw amongst the Gabonese people. Community living and sharing was the antidote.
This was a humbling and growth promoting life change in which has brought me home to myself and deepened my self acceptance.

I am based in Guiseley close to Bradford, Horsforth, Ikley, Menston, Rawdon and Yeadon, should you decide to arrange a phone consultation.

About me. ME

Methods of counselling

I work in a non-directive way based on the principles of Carl Rogers and my own somatic resonance, as well as EMDR, Somatic psychology is working with body memories. Body sensations which we may not have access to through talk therapy alone. By accessing these body feelings, we can connect to parts of ourselves which are often out of awareness and can alleviate stress, tension, help one to discharge frozen energy which may have become stuck in the body due to shock trauma.

When we are faced with threat and an overwhelming life event, the bodies natural instincts are to either fight back, run away or freeze. The energy we use if not discharged gets stuck in the body as we have a part of our brain which instructs us to override the natural healing process. This energy shows up in the way of anxiety, depression, rumination, relationship difficulties, somatic pain and more.

I will work with you by getting a feel for and an understanding as to your presenting issues and together, we will decide what works best for you. I will also bring in lots of grounding, self soothing, noticing body memories, tracking body sensations, EMDR and and at times, role play.

I adapt my work to what seems to be the best way forward for you. I will attune to what you need and I am creative in my approach.

I am also trained in EMDR and attachment informed EMDR which are powerful and gentle in their approach and have brought insight and resolution to many clients I have worked with.

I hold a small case load so that I am present and really get to know you. I believe that we all have our own window of tolerance only that for many of us, we override this need for balance.

If you think I may be able to help you or somebody you care for, do give me a call on 07565215564 or contact me by email. I'm happy to discuss whether counselling is suitable, or make an appointment for a first session if you wish. There are more details on my Contact page.

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