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30th May 2020 

About me

I am a down to earth psychotherapist with a wide range of life experiences and I have spent many years on my own journey of self-exploration through being a client in therapy through having good quality supervision and attending regular training. Therefore, you can rest in the knowledge that I will offer you an open and honest presence without judgement or interpretation and I will provide you with a safe environment in which to explore what brings you to therapy.

About me. ME

Methods of counselling

I work in a non-directive way based on the principles of Carl Rogers and I draw on the work of Eugene Gendlin. My approach to working with clients is gentle and respectful of your process. I work from an embodied way of being and knowing which, in turn, can facilitate your own embodied wisdom. My approach is holistic in that I will unconditionally welcome all the various aspects which make you whole. I will offer you a warm and open space so that what needs to emerge in the counselling hour and in-between will do so. What does embodied mean? I am very much connected to my bodily felt sense of what makes me tick and I regularly practice mindfulness/meditation as a way of cultivating and deepening my presence. This helps me to be able to connect with you in an intuitive way which can help you to re- connect with parts of your self you may have disowned in order to fit in with life.


One of my interests which is close to my heart is how trauma impacts on the body. I can work with you through trauma recovery using a gentle phased approach which respects the clients innate wisdom. I have much experience in working with clients who have experienced trauma equally however, I am able to work with you in the here and now exploring day to day concerns.

I am very passionate about working with people through their process in therapy and I deeply respect the courage it takes to speak to some one about what is bothering you.

If you think I may be able to help you or somebody you care for, do give me a call on 07565215564 or contact me by email. I'm happy to discuss whether counselling is suitable, or make an appointment for a first session if you wish. There are more details on my Contact page.